How to receive articles to other cities

We ship via dedicated carrier to other cities, town or villages in Italy. We can ship to hotels or residences where there is a reception, because carriers need someone to pickup the items and sign for the receipt. If you will stay in a private apartment, you can pickup your stuff in one of our shipping agent's shops. There are a lot all over italy and you can see the list here 
Shipping costs vary according to the dimensions of the article and to fuel surcharge that changes monthly. GoKid has no charge on these costs.
To give some examples, shipping a stroller or a cot may cost about 15 euros. Shipping a carseat will cost between 25 and 28 euros.
Remember that items have to be shipped back, at the same sum of the delivery. When you have to ship back the items, you can leave them to your hotel and we will organise pickup or, if you stay in an apartment, you can leave your stuff to one of the MBE shops. You can receive the items in a city and leave them in another city, but we need to be previously advised. Shipment are paid in Milan, so you will only have to leave the articles and give our address.
MBE shops are closed on Sundays and most of them are closed on Saturdays.



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